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Partners in Education

Bemis Flexible Packaging

Eugene Field Elementary is entering its 13th year in partnership with Bemis Flexible Packaging of Joplin, MO. Bemis employees visit nearly every month with our Fourth Grade students sharing lessons concerning safety, problem solving, teamwork, and the importance of education. This partnership began during the 2003-2004 school year and has served over 700 students at Eugene Field. Spearheaded by several Bemis employees, students participate in several projects throughout the year including an original package design contest and Earth Day activities. Bemis is a vital part of Fourth Grade life at Eugene Field and we look forward to growing this relationship for years to come. 

Reeves Tires 

Reeves Tires joined Eugene Field as a partnership in 2013.  Reeves Tires donated a basket and money for our Fall Festival.  They also help Eugene Field with Earth Day.

Hedge-Lewis Funeral Home

Hedge-Lewis Funeral Home joined Eugene Field as a partnership in 2013. Randy Lewis, with Hedge-Lewis Funeral Home, provides limo rides once a month.  There is one student from each classroom that gets to participate in this ride.  Mr. Lewis takes the students to lunch at Culver's.  Culver's provides the meals for the students.

Destiny Church

Destiny Church joined Eugene Field as a partnership in 2014. They send a speaker once a month to speak at our Character assemblies.  They also donate to Eugene Field throughout the year.